A Handbook


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KIKUS English is a proven and efficient method of language learning for children aged three years and over. The method utilises highly-effective linguistic teaching aids suitable for small groups, and provides for reinforcement of each lesson through regular coordination with school
teachers and parents. KIKUS remains the only language learning programme in which the child‘s first language is actively incorporated into the programme method and materials. The KIKUS Method has been widely recognised for its distinguished contribution to the field of language
learning for children and has been honoured with several awards, including first prize in the nationwide McKinsey bildet competition (Germany).

This handbook includes:

  • an introduction to the KIKUS Method, focusing on practical experience
  • detailed guidelines for working with the KIKUS learning materials
  • suggestions for planning and conducting individual KIKUS sessions
  • background information on both EFL (English as a foreign language) and
    ESL (English as a second language) teaching
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